5 Ways to keep your Drains Clear and flowing efficiently.
Your drains are the water ways to your home, when they block it can be inconvenient and disturb the everyday running of your home. 

#1 Avoid discarding food scraps down the drain

A build up of food scraps, oils and fats can contribute to blockages in your kitchen drain. Food scraps and fats can get create a build up in the drain which will prevent water from being able to pass through efficiently, characterised by foul smell this issue can be easily prevented by proper disposal.

#2 Throw out your off the shelf drain cleaner

Off the shelf drain cleaner can do more harm than good to your drains. Drain cleaners that are purchased in supermarkets or hardware stores often have corrosive ingredients. In the short term this will clear your drain however, these cleaners will leave a film of chemical on the drain which will overtime erode the drain itself.

#3 Install a mesh drain cover or catcher

Mesh covers can be a life saver to catch any hair that can get caught in our drains. On average we can lose anywhere between 100-150 hairs per day, it is only natural these will get caught in our drains and result in a blocked drain. Do yourself a favour and purchase a mesh cover to install your bath and shower drain.

#4 Use vinegar to clean your drain

We say no to off the shelf drain cleaners but a yes to vinegar as an alternative drain cleaning solution. General household white vinegar poured down the drain along with hot (not boiling) water can be a great help in removing any caught food or oils in the drain lining. Better yet, vinegar does not have a long term corrosive impact on your drain and it is a much cheaper option than most off the shelf drain cleaners.

#5 Book in an annual drain clearing and inspection

We recommend annual drain inspections and drain cleaning services for all of our customers. This can assist in two key outcomes;

  1. Provide a safe option to clear all household drains; no corrosive, high pressure cleaning to remove any build up and to ensure your drains are flowing efficiently.
  2. Identify any potential drain fractures; using CCTV footage, a drain inspection can provide live footage of your home drainage system and can identify any potential problems before any further damages occur.

Keeping your drains clear and working efficiently by following the above tips will not only prevent larger problems and money down the track but will also assist in contributing to sustainable home plumbing and water usage practices.

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