Blocked Drains Glenelg

Blocked Drains Glenelg

Affordable Blocked Drains in Glenelg

Blocked Drain Services, Statewide, specialises in blocked drains, maintenance and inspection plumbing in Glenelg. Daniel Ravese founded the business to provide streamlined and professional plumbing and gas services. Our plumbers are passionate about providing efficient, high-quality, and innovative services. We offer exceptional customer service to ensure our customers have a seamless experience. Our team understands that blocked drains can cause severe damage when left unchecked. As such, we will arrive at your property quickly to diagnose and fix the issue.

Have you ever wondered what causes blocked drains? Many household activities lead to blocked drains. For instance, pouring grease down the drains causes it to stick around the inner lining of your pipes. The grease will eventually block your drain’s passage. Other causes include flushing unwanted toiletries like baby wipes and tree roots infiltrating your drains. Our team will help you clear your drains regardless of the cause.

About Our Blocked Drain Services in Glenelg

Calling a professional plumber is the best option when dealing with a blocked drain in Glenelg. A professional will come with the appropriate tools and experience to ensure a permanent fix. Our plumbers can help you with the following blocked drain services.

  • Drain repair
  • Drain clearing
  • CCTV camera inspection
  • Hydrojet drain cleaning
  • Drain re-lining
  • Emergency plumbing

Our team can help you repair your property’s broken, cracked, or deteriorated drains. Damaged drains prevent the smooth flow of your drains, leading to property damage. Out plumbers can also clear the toughest blockages using modern technological tools like CCTV cameras and hydro jets. The CCTV camera helps us determine the blockage location and see whether your pipes are in excellent condition once we unclog the drain. Hydrojet drain cleaning lets us clear your blocked drains, while drain re-lining lets us permanently fix broken or cracked pipes.

Blocked Drains Glenelg
Blocked Drains Glenelg

How to Avoid Blocked Drains in Glenelg

Do you keep unclogging your drains? Here are a few things you can do to avoid this problem.

  • Avoid Pouring Grease Down the Kitchen Sink. Most people dispose of used cooking oil in the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, it can stick to the inside of your pipes, causing a blockage. Instead, use a can or jar to dispose of used cooking oil.
  • Don’t Flush Non-Toilet Paper Products. Please avoid flushing objects other than toilet paper. Things like sanitary products and baby wipes should go to the garbage since they are made of plastic and cotton.
  • Regular Pipe Inspection. The best way to prevent blocked drains is to call our Glenelg plumbers to help you check the status of your drainage. Some drain issues are not evident, but our plumbers can use CCTV to determine whether there is a potential problem. Our plumbers will also advise you on how to avoid the issues detected from re-occurring-occurring.

Our plumbing experts in Glenelg can help you fix your blocked drains at an affordable price. Please call us today to see how we can help you.

Blocked Drain Services Statewide specialise in residential and commercial plumbing and gas services including:

Blocked Drains

Drain Repair

Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

Hot Water Units

Emergency Plumbing


At Blocked Drain Services Statewide we pride ourselves on delivering professional and high quality services to all of our customers.

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