It’s odourless, colourless and tasteless but it is the silent killer that can strike at any time across Australian households; Carbon Monoxide (CO2).

Accidental CO2 poisoning due to domestic gas heaters has a higher likelihood of occurring during the cooler months as a result of blocked flues, inadequate maintenance, inappropriate use and in some cases faulty installation.

As the cooler months creep up, a gas heater service is our number one service recommendation for residential properties, particularly for those who have a unit that is 3+ years old and/or has not had a service for over 12 months.

Common signs of CO2 poisoning from chronic exposure are not easily identifiable and can be considered general to other ailments; headaches, nausea, dizziness and cognitive deterioration. Symptoms can turn deadly in a short period of time as CO2 causes oxygen restriction in the human body.

Our top advice to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning in your home includes;
  1. Use licensed gas fitters to install gas appliances. Ensure gas appliances, particularly heaters are serviced every 12 months.
  2. Do not install or tamper with gas appliances yourself (including any air vents).
  3. Know the signs of CO2 poisoning and seek medical attention if you suspect this has occurred.
  4. NEVER use an outdoor gas heater in enclosed areas
  5. Ensure to check on any elderly family or friends who may be more vulnerable to CO2 poisoning due to being unaware or unable to recognise the signs.

CO2 poisoning is preventable and we all have a role in increasing awareness of the silent killer.

We have the ability to reduce the incidences of CO2 poisoning and the devastating impact it can have on Australian families and communities.

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