Most of us enjoy a hot shower at the start or end of our day so imagine being at home and next in line for the shower when the hot water runs cold, frustrating.

The last person in the shower is always the first to be blamed however, what if there was another reason (with an easy solution) for the ever elusive hot showers?

The availability of hot water to our home is based on the size and efficiency of our hot water system. So what could be the cause of those cold showers?

Ageing Water System

As a general rule, hot water systems will last between 5-7 years efficiently. There is no hard and fast rule in terms of the lifespan of each unit but as a system begins to reach 7 years we recommend keeping a look out for signs that may be leading to a lack of hot water in your home. This includes signs such as leaks, corrosion or rust on the system.

The manufacturer warranty will provide you with product guarantee for a period of time following installation but will exclude any product wear and tear after this period. We recommend arranging a product inspection by a qualified plumber and gas fitter to determine any potential issues and to work with you to find the best solution if required.

Sediment Build Up

When water runs through our hot water service our water often carries dirt particles and these can build up in the system itself. Dirt build up in the system can be flushed out and manufacturer guidelines will provide instruction for this. Blocked Drain Services Statewide recommend arranging for a qualified plumber to complete a full system clean and service annually, saving you not only time but to also ensure your system remains in excellent condition.

Size of the Hot Water System

Upgrading the size of your hot water system as the family expands is often something that is at the bottom of the to do list but this is often a the culprit for cold showers in a growing household. The water needs of your household varies depending on size and each system will have a varied capacity.

If your noticing your water system is consistently struggling to keep up with the demands of your household and there has been an increase in usage since installation, there is a chance that the hot water service is simply no longer the right size for your home.

Contacting a licensed plumber and gas fitter will allow you to discuss the water needs of your home considering the size of your home and family as well as the various options available to you.

If you are consistently running out of hot water in your home, contact us on 0401 400 736 and we can arrange for a qualified and experienced plumber to attend to your home.

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