Doing It Yourself, always seems like the best option when you encounter a plumbing problem. We see this often, a customer will encounter a problem, search a how do it video and unfortunately mid way through the project realise they are a little out of their depth.

A licensed plumber and gas fitter must hold the following qualifications and licences:

  • Completion of plumbing apprenticeship (including gas fitting if working with gas)
  • Licensed with the appropriate governing body
  • Must hold professional and personal indemnity insurance

When do you know you need a plumber ?

  • Drain Blockage: If you have a drain blockage and your household plunger is not effective contact your plumber. This could mean there is a blockage further down the drain.
  • Drain Damage: Repeated drain blockages could mean there is damage to your drain. We are able to investigate this further with the use of both our hydrojet and CCTV drain camera.
  • Hot Water System: No hot water, discoloured water or moisture around the hot water system could indicate a problem with your hot water system. Hot water systems should last between 5-7 years (in general) however, if you suspect an issue with your hot water system contact your plumber to put your mind at ease.
  • Stormwater: Your stormwater is what drains excess water away from the home foundations to the street (or rain water tank). It is essential that stormwater is installed and maintained by a qualified professional.
  • It is important to ensure you read warranties on all products as most of the time plumbing and gas appliance manufacturers in Australia will specify a clause stating the installation and maintenance of any appliance must be by a licensed and qualified plumber and gas fitter.

The point ?

Let us take care of your plumbing and gas issues or concerns- it is what we do every day and we do it well, leave it to us so you can enjoy your life and not sweat the little things.

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