5 ways to reduce your water bill 

We understand that many Australians are doing it tougher than usual during this global pandemic, as a family owned and operated business we are here to provide Australian households 5 ways to reduce your water bill.

  1. Check the efficiency of your washing machine

Washing machines in Australia have an energy star rating which allows you to calculate the annual running cost of your machine. To ensure you are getting the most out of your efficiency ensure your have ticked off the following;

  • Correct loading following manufacturer guidelines.
  • Correct detergent use.
  • Ensure you have the right machine for your family needs. 
  1. Fix water leaks 

Leaving those annoying water leaks such as dripping taps and loose washers can add up on your quarterly water bill and cause underlying damage to your fixtures. By contacting a qualified plumber to fix water leaks you can not only save money on your water bill but save the potential for any hefty water damage bills that may arise if leaks are left unaddressed. 

  1. Clear sluggish drains 

If you have sluggish drains throughout your home, take it as a sign to contact your plumber to clear your drain allowing for clear water flow throughout your drainage system. Sluggish drains usually means we use more water than necessary to ‘flush’ out any bad smells or build up in our wet areas. Utilising hydrojet technology, Blocked Drain Services Statewide can provide your household with a chemical free solution to sluggish or blocked drains. 

  1. Install low-flow showerheads 

Low flow shower heads can improve the water efficiency in your home by reducing the amount of water dispersed during every shower. The type of low-flow showerhead that suits your household is dependent on a few factors;

  • Your personal water pressure preference.
  • The type of hot water service installed at your home.
  • Location of the shower i.e. upstairs or downstairs. 

Contact us to book an onsite assessment of your home water efficiency on 0401 400 736. As a bonus, visit https://www.energy.gov.au to explore if your household is eligible for a rebate when installed with a low-flow showerhead. 

  1. Make the best use of your dishwasher 

Dishwashers are generally much more water efficient than hand washing dirty dishes, however, this is only if dishwashers are loaded correctly. 

Underloading or overloading your dishwasher can lead to the over consumption of water. When we underload our dishwasher we are simply not making the best use of our resources leading to water wastage, so load up the dishes when you can and avoid leaving large empty gaps in the dishwasher. 

On the flip side; 

When we overload our dishwasher, it is less likely our dishwashers are able to achieve an efficient clean. This means that we are more likely to re-wash dishes either by hand or run a second cycle in the dishwasher using more water than intended.

The above strategies are not only great for reducing your water bill but also have a positive impact on our environmental footprint. We are always happy to chat further so feel free to contact us on 0401 400 736 or at www.blockeddrainstatewide.com.au if you have any questions.