Have you noticed an usually high water bill this quarter?

A higher than usual water bill could be an indication of a water leak in your home plumbing system. A water leak is not always clear and as busy home owners we may not pay too much attention to the first signs of a leak. So where do our plumbers start in identifying if there is a leak?

Our fully qualified plumbers follow a strategic process to ensure any investigation into a water leak is thorough. Our process includes;

  • Pressure testing tapware and visible plumbing
  • Sonar identification to ensure any concealed leak can be identified;
  • Water meter investigation to ensure the leak has been identified and repaired in full.

Water leaks may not only leave you with a high water bill, but also has the potential to cause damage to the house structure as well as furnishings.

Our priority is to ensure we can offer a complete solution for our clients.

Our licensed plumbers are experienced in leak detection and can use a variety of tools to ensure a complete solution to high water bills can be found for our clients. Most importantly, our plumbers will keep you in the loop while they are on site so you have updated information every step of the way. Don’t risk water damage to your home and ensure a thorough investigation of any water leak in your home.

Avoid high water bills and damage to the home, contact us to book in a leak investigation if you suspect a leak.

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