Wellness at Home

Water is essential to life and we come into contact with it every day, from the water we drink to the water we use to do our laundry, it has a vital importance to our health and wellbeing. With approximately 60% of our bodies being made up of water, it is paramount we ensure we have access to clean water in our homes and workplaces.

Overtime the water that enters our domestic plumbing system can be ridden with dirt, grime and dust from the public water system and ultimately impacting on the lifespan of our appliances, our bathroom fixtures. With water as an essential life source it can impact on the health of our hair, skin and nails.

Water quality across Adelaide can vary depending on location, the quality of the public water system connecting to your home as well as any roadworks or building that may disturb any nearby water systems.

Build up of dirt, grime and foreign objects can get caught in our domestic plumbing system leading to corrosion of connecting pipes, build up in appliances and degradation of tapware. Without a solution to filter larger dirt particles, these particles enter into our bodies through the water we shower with, the water we use for washing up and the water we use for cooking.

Blocked Drain Services Statewide are able to complete onsite water quality testing to ensure the water entering your domestic plumbing system is good for both you, your family and your home. Following an onsite water test we provide a report detailing the results to assist you in finding the right water filtration system for your home.

Our wellness is paramount to a healthy and happy life, but it starts with what we expose ourselves to. Take care of your wellness at home and book your onsite water testing appointment at www.blockeddrainstatewide.com.au or call 0401 400 736.