Buying a new home? Consider booking a pre purchase plumbing inspection.

Buying a new home is incredibly exciting and is often the biggest investment you can make. There is no doubt that during the pre purchasing stage, it is important to obtain the best advice possible. This includes working with your mortgage broker and real estate agent to your pre purchase building inspector to ensure you are checking off all of the boxes.

At Blocked Drain Services Statewide we encourage our clients who are purchasing a new home to obtain professional advice from both a building inspector and qualified plumber / gas fitter before signing on the dotted line. What is the difference you may ask?

A building inspector will provide you with all the information you need to know about the structural integrity of the home both interior and exterior. A plumber and gas fitter is able to provide you with additional information regarding concealed plumbing and gas systems, gas pressure and hot water systems.

We have highlighted 8 considerations for potential new home owners to ask and check during initial inspections.

New home buyers, consider the following;

  1. Water leaks from taps or basins in bathrooms.
  2. Gurgling sounds or delayed water draining when the tap is running.
  3. Are the toilet seats or the toilet itself loose?
  4. When was the last gas heater service (if applicable)?
  5. What is the age of hot water service?
  6. Are there any loose downpipes outside?
  7. Is there any plant growth along the sewer (away from other plants or grass)?
  8. When were the main drains and sewer last inspected?

If you have answered YES to any of the the above or if inspections / services have been greater than 12 months previous, contact us to arrange a pre-purchase plumbing and gas inspection.

A pre purchase plumbing inspection can save you both money and many headaches in the long run, can be easily booked and we have a 24 hour report turn around. Feel free to contact us at for more information.